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Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base, Small

Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base, Small
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Shop Fox D2057A Adjustable Mobile Base, Small

Shop Fox Heavy Duty Mobile Bases are designed to give you a stable and mobile platform upon which to mount machinery and equipment having a variety of base sizes and weights. The heavy-duty casters are arranged on outriggers allowing the machine to sit as low as possible and yet be extremely stable. Swivel casters on two corners provide excellent maneuverability. The bolt pattern on the fixed caster side allows orientation of the wheels in either of two directions. The base can be assembled in any of eight configurations providing maximum flexibility of use. The unique two piece retractable feet use rare earth magnets to allow the knob to turn while the foot pad is tight to the floor. You will find these mobile bases to be far superior to any mobile base on the market in strength, adjustability and movability. This patented mobile base is the most stable on the market with outrigger type supports. Adjusts from 20 x 20-inch to 29-1/2 x 29-1/2-inch. 700 lb. Capacity. Weighs 47 lbs.

  • 19-Inch by 20-1/2-Inch to 29-1/2-Inch by 29-1/2-Inch

  • 700-Pound capacity

  • 8 configurations

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Product Details:
Package Length: 22.5 inches
Package Width: 17.5 inches
Package Height: 3.6 inches
Package Weight: 30.9 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 112 reviews

Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.5 ( 112 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

45 of 47 found the following review helpful:

3Good performance, bad quality  Jul 13, 2005
By Philip Davis
I've had this base under the Grizzly G1023S table saw in my garage shop for four years now. It has performed flawlessly. My saw rolls and pivots as easily as you'd expect a 360-pound saw would. I try not to roll over the expansion seams in the floor, but when I have to, the base feels solid.

The leveling/locking feet work really well, but bending down to spin them is less convenient than the foot lever on some other mobile bases.

I like the four-wheel, four-point stability of this base over the three-point arrangement of other bases.

So why only 3 stars? When I was assembling the base, three of the bolt holes stripped before I could even compress the lock washers. I had to keep trying holes until I found some that held. This did not inspire confidence and has always been a nagging concern. What's the difference between the stripped holes and the ones that held? They all looked the same. Is my base going to collapse on me in the middle of a cut? I shouldn't have to worry about this and I shouldn't be reading other reviews with similar problems years later.

35 of 36 found the following review helpful:

5Does what it says it does  Feb 23, 2004
By Wiesy442 "Wiesy442"
Other than the initial horse work it will take to get your saw into/onto this base, everything else is cake. It is solid with no signs of stress or bowing. The tubular steel ensures that. The castors had no problem with my Jet cabinet saw. It was nice to easily tuck that beast of a saw against the wall in my limited-spaced workshop some people call a garage. It was just as easy pulling it out for use again.

28 of 28 found the following review helpful:

2Bad casters  Feb 16, 2006
By Starting over in New Orleans
This seems to be a fairly solid stand, but beware of the casters. The center portion is hard plastic covered with a hard rubber. I have one for my table saw and one for my shaper, about a month old and with four of the casters the hard rubber cover has broken off. I don't expect the other four casters to last long either. Unfortunately, the only casters I have found so far with the same hole distances are the same casters. Now I'm looking into replacing the wheels but need to determine the correct hole bore. I wonder if I can roll it around on the hard plastic wheels. With a 500 lb saw on the base, this is not the time to have to deal with replacing the wheels. Look for a base with solid rubber wheels.

23 of 24 found the following review helpful:

4Just as heavy duty as it says it is, a very good mobile base  Sep 16, 2004
This really is a heavy duty mobile base. I bought the Grizzly 14" band saw (G0555) at the Grizzly showroom in Bellingham, WA and picked one of these up to mount it on for moving around in the limited room I have for my garage-converted wood shop to park the band saw out of the way when I am not using it. It assembles quickly has good instructions and tips for installation (maybe, it's obvious, but they do point out it's a lot easier to assemble the stand for your table or band saw first and mount that on the mobile base. In fact, that allowed me to back my van up to the opening of my garage, carefully turn and tip the 167 lb. band saw laying in the back up on end and carefully slide it into place on its assembled stand in the base and never have to lift a thing or call anybody else to help with the back buster of lifting the band saw to get it in my garage and mobilized to move wherever I want it. My one nit pick is I wish it had a foot release brake instead of the hand turned knobs for loosening or tightening the rubber leveler feet that are used to hold the swivel caster side of it in place when you are not moving it. Also, some kind of spacer/tensioning clamp on the rails to take up the space and hold the saw base stand snuggly in place would be nice but I just used some wood shims and that works.

15 of 15 found the following review helpful:

2Not well designed  Feb 06, 2006
By P. Stadler
The side bars are about 3/16" smaller than the corner pieces that they fit into so ALL the stress is bourn by the two bolts that hold the sides and corners together. The bolts are just held by threaded holes in the 3/32" thick side bars so they strip out easily. At the full 29.5" extension, the side bars are only held by two bolts, 3/4" of an inch apart, screwed into a thin soft metal. The engineering term for this is "scary". The unit would be much better if the side bars fit tightly in the corner pieces and the bolts just served to keep the bars from sliding in and out. This base should only be used is situations where a sudden short drop of the load won't injure the user or cause the load to tip over. The base holds the load about 1 inch over the floor.

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